Letter from my sponsored child

Today I got the letter from my sponsored child. He is a 6-grade boy living in Mexico and his family only earns 10,000 NTD a year. Compared to what we have in Taiwan, they have a difficult life. In fact, I am happy that I can use things I know to contribute and help people in this world. However, Some of my friends say that they would rather donate money to local people and they doubt that the money I donate goes directly to the poor. I hate negative thinking!

October 2, 2008.


Hello dear sponsor! I write you this letter with lots of love, hoping that you are in good health and happy. I am doing well and happy to be studying my last grad in the elementary school, which I enjoyed it very much. I am eager to attend junior high school. I have been doing well during this school year. I am taking part in the school escort, hoping that we can do well. In the other hand, my favorite hobby is to play soccer and I have been training so hard, my soccer team is called "Januares de Otzolotepec.". I must close now, sending you a big hug and my best wishes to you and your whole family.


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  1. 我也很想助養小孩, 可又擔心自己會中途缺錢, 不能繼續, 會對不起他們, 不負責任.