Exhibition of XinJiang's Artifacts and the Silk Road

The National Museum of History at Taipei is staging an exhibition of XinJiang's ancient artifacts and many things about Silk Road. It is amazing that the Silk Road extended over 7,000 km to connect Asia and the Mediterranean region. It not only opened up a trade route between Eastern and Western civilization  but also spread religions that have been guiding us for thousand years. A route map of the Silk Road on the wall intrigued me a lot and got me to the time that people rode on camels to cross endless deserts and oasis.

The Loulan Beauty mummy is also stunning. Accoring to the news, this is the second time that she is exhibited outside China. She was almost destroyed by bad humidity at her first exhibition. Fortunately, she's still alive (LOL). You can see her dehydrated body through glass box and the clothes, hat and shoes she wears. Julie said when she saw her, she felt dizzy and chill. Moron!

It's too bad that most of the artifacts don't have English explanation beside them. If we want people to understand our culture, we'd better work harder.