[Android] Install Android SDKs without android

There are mentions about failures of installing Android SDK in Linux through Google's tool android. To install SDKs smoothly, you have to,

  1. Create config file ~/.android/androidtool.cfg and add one line to it,
  2. Set environment variable,
    export GTK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true

Don't know why Google didn't test it thoroughly before releasing it to public. But, I briefly took a look at the installation process and wrote a simple csh script to download and install all SDK in the current directory directly without using this tool,

set url="http://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository"
set addons = "google_apis-3-r03.zip google_apis-4-r01.zip google_apis-5_r01.zip"
set platforms = "android-1.1_r1-linux.zip android-1.5_r03-linux_x86.zip android-1.6_r01-linux_x\86.zip android-2.0_r01-linux.zip"
set tool="tools_r03-linux.zip"
set doc="docs-2.0_r01-linux.zip"

foreach a ($addons)
   wget -c $url/$a
   unzip $a -d add-ons

foreach a ($platforms)
    wget -c $url/$a
    unzip $a -d platforms

unzip $tool
mv tools_r03-linux tools

unzip $doc
mv docs-2.0_r01-linux docs
Modification may be needed according to your environment.