My microblogging flow

Writing a long blog entry everyday was really a tough work for me. That's why I turned to use micro-blogging and I guess many of you might have the same feeling. It's not I stop to update my blog. I become to import my activities on the web such as tweets, plurks and etc to my blog. The problem is that a dedicated service that aggregates so many services I used is needed. Currently, I have known two options:
  1. MyBlogLog
  2. Friendfeed.
Both cover most of services you may use on the web and provide widget for you to put on your blog. But, one thing let me favor Friendfeed more then MyBlogLog is that it can import any feed URL and MyBlogLog can't.

The other problem I have is that some of my friends use Twitter, some use Plurk and some use Facebook and I can't convince them all to use the same service. If I would like all of them see my updates on their favorite sites, I figure what I need is a service that help me post status to these sites and it's better through one single entry point, for instance, from Google Talk. Well, I choose Ping.fm. Also, HelloText is possible for you. Ping.fm gives you a Gtalk robot to talk to and everything you talk to that robot will be posted to your preferred sites.

Anyway, my flow looks like,