The project-based environment

I've been tweaking the environment for my work, mostly programming, for years. I don't use any fancy IDE or desktop environment. Some of my co-workers use Citrix Client and this is actually recommended by our IT department. But, considering the just acceptable performance of connecting to remote sever, I am much more inclined to use terminal and switch to Citrix if I need to use any GUI application.

It is common that a company need to maintain several versions of a product for years and programmers need to port changes to different branches. Sometimes, a programmer need to run same experiment on different version to observe behavior or performance differences. It would be much safer if these runs are separated by different terminals even at the same machine.

The workspace-based flow is probably the most suitable one I've found. My configuration is pretty simple but effective. It's based on screen/tmux/emacs and submitted on GitHub. 

Check it out on Workspace-based configuration