Emacs server per workspace (GNU Screen)

I am a heavy user of GNU screen and Emacs at work and home. In the past, I created different GNU Screen instances for different projects and only one instance of Emacs server in one machine. For instance, you are aked to fix bugs in threee code branches and some fixes can't go into certain branches, I need to be very careful when I edit and switch buffers because only once emacs server out there.

What I really need to have setup like this,

Now, whenever you edit or switch files in a GNU screen by emacsclient, you can sit back and relax for a while. But, the problem is how do I make this a bit automatic? If you need to execute 'emacs --daemon=serverN' for every created GNU Screen, that will be very troublesome.
Here is what I have done to make this happen,

Now, when you instantiate GNU Screen by 'ws_XXX' aliases, an Emacs server identified by 'XXX' is created for you. And then you can use 'et' to edit a file in the proper Emacs server.

The only thing I don't like is that I am compelled to use another alias 'kill-emacs' to kill Emacs server. I often 'pkill' to kill process, but this will kill all Emacs servers in the same machine which is absolutely not the behavior I want.

The last thing to do is to patch the source code of emacsclient. In my experiment, emacsclient in the latest stable release (23.3b) doesn't pass correct argument for Emacs to start its daemon mode. So, I made minor changes to make it right.

After recompile and install, you can start using these two power tools in this way as I do.