OpenAlarm's User Guide


OpenAlarm is a free, extensible and fast alarm application that works a bit like crontab or at in the UNIX system. Most of alarm-like applications on the market only wakes you up at the specified time. Sometimes, we want more. For example, I want to turn on the mobile network at 8am and turn it off at 1am to save battery power or I'd like to text my gf to tell her how beautiful she is at 9am every morning. Things like these should be common in our daily life, but I can't find a good application to do it. That's why I develop this Android application - OpenAlarm.


Android 1.5 and above. (Some G1 users reported that OpenAlarm is not stable on their phones... I am looking for a G1 to test)

How to Use

I've tried hard to make OpenAlarm's user-interface easy and intuitive so that you don't need to read this page before using it (sarcastic because you're reading it??)

Add a new alarm

To add a new alarm, click menu>Add. Because it is a new alarm, OpenAlarm directs you automatically to its settings page. If you don't want to configure this new alarm at this moment, click BACK key. Still, only when all settings of an alarm are configured correctly, you can enable it.

Configure an alarm

To configure settings of an alarm, a touch or Center key on D-pad on the alarm item gives you its settings page. A BACK key submits your changes into alarm database.

Tell an alarm what to do

What you want an alarm to do when it goes off is specified in Action preference. Touch Action preference brings up Action dialog listing all actions OpenAlarm supports now.

Enable/Disable an alarm

To enable/disable an alarm, you go to check/uncheck an alarm. If an alarm hasn't configured valid, you can't check it and OpenAlarm directs you automatically to its settings page. If an alarm was valid and you make it invalid (for example, by selecting no repeat days), its checked state will be removed when you go back to OpenAlarm's main screen.

If an alarm is checked successfully, it is scheduled and a notification shows up at the left-hand side of the status bar telling you what the next alarm is and when it will go off.
The system's AlarmClock put a notification on the right-hand side of status bar without telling you the schedule of next alarm. Moreover, when AlarmClock is killed by Task Manager (not recommended by Google, but everyone does it), this cute notification is left on the status bar and it makes you think your alarms are still scheduled to go off. It is NOT.

When OpenAlarm is killed or removed, all scheduled alarms are canceled and notification is removed.

Delete an alarm

A long touch on the alarm will bring up a context menu with a Delete menu item for you to delete an alarm.


If an alarm is ringing as follows and you ignore it 1 minute (maybe you're out), OpenAlarm will snooze it minutes later automatically. How many minutes later is from your Snooze Duration setting. Besides, OpenAlarm does auto-snooze 3 times only and this alarm will be dismissed and set to its next schedule.


If you're a deep sleeper, you can check Math Lock on to have your alarm ask you a simple two-integer addition question before you can snooze or dismiss alarm. I've tried and it really wake you up from sleep.


OpenAlarm supports two locales, Traditional Chinese(繁體中文)and English.

Possible Future Work

Some features I am evaluating if doable,
  1. Love Text: Text someone at the specified time.
  2. You can suggest me.


To tell me how you think about OpenAlarm, you can either use menu>Send feedback in OpenAlarm, email me, leave comments here or phone me if you're in Taiwan. You precious opinions should be taken into account on latter releases.