Android fragmentation makes my life harder :(

A recent article shows fragmentation of Android platform finally gets Google's attention. I've been suffered from it for quite some time. Distinct versions of Android were released in less than a year, not mentioned the different devices released by different vendors.

The article says Google wants to shift their focus from Android core to applications and decouple key applications from core platform which means we don't need to wait for firmware update. This is a good thing. But, does this really solve fragmentation? Of course not.

I really don't think fragmentation can be solved due to the double-edged characteristics of open-sourced Android (some analysts had been warned at Android's first debut).

For me, I owned a HTC magic and I don't really want to buy another top-selling Motorola Droid just for testing my application especially when mobile application development doesn't really pay my bills. I know some companies provide services of virtual devices for developers, like DeviceAnywhere,  but I also can conceive that game developers are unlikely to use this service.

I'd like to see following things on future Android platform,
  1. Users and developers are using same devices and same OS versions just like iPhone. This is unlikely to happen, though.
  2. Improved Android Market. In current environment, developer and users are separated. Users can leave comments but developers have no way to reply comments. I've been provided one feedback channel in OpenAlarm, but not a perfect way.