Enlarge a VirtualBox image file

VirtualBox is a great free software that helps you get different OS in the same machine without messing up your main working environment. If you haven't tried it, a new version 3.0.0 is just released. My working environment isn't special, Ubuntu 9.04 as my main system and VirtualBox installed to satisfy the Windows-must situations. So, a 10GB media was created in my VirtualBox to install WindowsXP and some applications. It was enough until I started to begin developing S60/Qt programs. The S60 and Qt for S60 SDK takes roughly 2-3GB space. I figured Windows XP is kinda hungry monster that eats my space rapidly. I have to enlarge this device. Currently, VirtuanlBox doesn't have this feature implemented and don't know when it will support this. After hours of searching answers, I figured using TrueImage's cloning disk looks like a pretty simple solution and it works like a charm.
  1. Create a brand new and bigger media (10GB++++ at this time, of course) at VirtualBox.
  2. Attach this bigger media to the WindowsXP device so that this device has two medias, an old 10GB media and a new 10GB-more media.
  3. Start WindowsXP device and install Acronis TrueImage. Trial version should be enough.
  4. In TrueImage, clone old 10GB disk to new 10GB-more disk. After cloning, TrueImage should ask you to restart system. Do as what it suggests.