That's a great game, man!

Today's basketball game was great. I was in a team with my 1 co-workers and 3 players from other company. All of us played it hard and as a team. I remembered the first time we booked a basketball field and played with other teams from other companies, we suck. We never win. Not only because we seldom played basketball, but also we didn't play like a team.

Why a game great is because everyone in it plays his/her role well. They respect the roles they played. I want to emphasize this.. If you have ever watched Japanese TV shows, especially about gourmet, cooks always say you have to respect the food or it won't respect you. Kinda crap? I agreed, too. Haha. But, the point is not "the food respects you" crap he says, it is the attitude behind that makes this country creates so many big international high-tech companies, like Sony, Toshiba and etc. My company also has a branch at Japan. People there are the most productive, proficient and self-organic across the entire company. Use a sentence my girlfriend often says to end this post,
Attitude means everything.