My new toy - Sony A350

This DLSR is supposed to be a gift for my Dad's resignation after 40 years of working at Taiwan Power Company. But he didn't seem surprised or interested when I showed this camera to him. A hard-to-please old man. :)

The first time I said to my friends that I want to buy a digital camera was about 5 years ago. The maximum pixel count at the time was about 200M pixels. Now it is over 1200M pixels. What a big progress. And I didn't buy one because I didn't feel needs to own one (Actually, I am pretty proud of myself on this).

Anyway, I have one now and lock it in the closet is definitely not a good idea. So, in these days, I often take it to the park close to my home and shoot some photos as practices. But, obviously, the photos I shoot barely express what I saw in my eyes. Too bad. I need more practices and skills, apparently.

I heard that a senior-high girl spends several years on taking photos of people in the lower social positions. Her photos truly reflect people's lives here in Taiwan. How hard their lives are and how strong they are to fight against difficult environments are things we can see from her work. I am so touched and I hope one day I can have my work so touching and powerful that it can make a difference, even the smallest is fine. :)