Impossible Is Possible

Today, I realized that the attitude I have has been wrong for years. Why? Let me tell you.

We had an internal meeting with our CEO this afternoon. We were asked to invent a flow that uses a commercial tool that the company who develops it no longer supports it. But the company hopes we can buy its perpetual and exclusive license. The point is if this tool does work, we have a persuasive and powerful tool to win businesses because nobody else in the trenches has the same advantage.

To integrate this tool into the current flow used in this company is not easy. Many hackings on the flow have to be done and these hackings challenge the experiences we have gained from the projects we've done. But, our CEO thinks the outcome will be fruitful if we succeed to incorporate this tool into our flow. We debated with CEO about the possibility of doing it. But, what he proposed today is something no one has done before. Some people said it would need some magic to make it work. Honestly, I was one of them.

What makes me change my mind? While I was on my way home, I chatted with my co-workers. They asked me about the status of that project. All in a sudden, I realized that my definition on impossible should be redefined because my experiences have biased my judgement, or you can say the stereotypes.

For something you think impossible at the first impression, don't think that way. Every noble work is impossible at the beginning and it is impossible because everyone thinks it's impossible and not to do it. If you can come up with an affordable solution, you are the winner. Think about the e-Bay case.